Is now the new big thing in IT and is here to stay; we like it or not, we can take advantage of it and stay on top of the wave, risk aware, optimizing resources and delivering benefits to business.


Application Management

Application Management is a continuous process from capturing the business needs to design, develop, release and support. We scale up or down with experts and operations in order to optimize this process. Business Analysts, Application Lifecycle Tools, Application Lifecycle Process Design, Develop, Test, Change and Release, support.

Testing Services

We bet that we ca build a valid Business Case with Testing Services either setup a process or improve an existing one with the same outputs and benefits at the end: lowering costs, faster time to market, less defects; Take the bet (..)

Vendor Management Procurement

If you are looking for an independent service in procurement area, we can help you acquire / renegotiate IT products and services based on our framework, setup or improve a mature procurement process or audit your internal process / case.