Excellent staff

We have an outstanding number of well- trained specialists waiting to help you solve any issue you might ever encounter.

Fast and simple

As soon as you e-mail us we will find a solution tailored for your company’s needs and we will help you overcome any shortage.

Together we can

We will do our best to offer you great resources in the fastest time possible in order to solve any problem you have.

Long term partnership

Our purpose is to make things happen in the best way possible for our clients and each job is the beginning of a beautiful partnership for us.


Outsourcing IT

The world of business is full of challenges and you should always be prepared to address them with the best operational team you can. Our services can help you gain a competitive advantage on the market at great costs and in the shortest time possible.

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Excellence is what defines all our services. regardless of the type of IT specialists you need, our company will identify, organize and deliver you complete teams dedicated to help you reach your goals and to solve complicated challenges.

Please offer us a few moments to show you our complete range of services and, we also invite you to read further to discover the challenging projects we were honored to work for, together with some of the biggest companies.

IT solutions
Project management
Staff Augmentation
Cloud Computing

Our Services

Professional Services

Whether you need short-term or long-term help from a team of devoted professionals in order to complete your projects, our company is here to help, regardless of what shortages should you confront with. Find out more about our staff augmentation, project management and recruitment services.
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A crisis situation is something every business goes through. While difficult times can be managed in-house, a crisis is something that need to be identified, assessed and solves in the shortest time possible. Our company is here to help you with particular cases such as risk management, security management, business continuity, disaster recovery, assurance.
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Application development

A blended mix of technologies and techniques (Microsoft, Java, Mobile, Web, Agile, MSF) with a blended mix of engagement models with affordable rates and project costs. We are here to offer you the best solution, delivered in the fastest time possible.
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Service Management

In the end, it is all about how happy your customers are. Therefore, you need to deliver the best experience possible to all of them. This can be a difficult task to take on, but definitely not impossible, and we can help you find the best way to do it as soon as possible.
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IT Outsourcing

If it’s not your core business Outsource it; even if IT seems still clattered, IT should be a commodity like electricity. We promise to solve this equation (benefits realization x risk optimization x resource optimization) better than in the context of Insourcing.
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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is now the new big thing in IT and it is here to stay; we like it or not, we can take advantage of it and stay on top of the wave, risk aware, optimizing resources and delivering benefits to business. Find out more about all the services we can provide you in this field.
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Our Team

catalin alexandruCatalin AlexandruChief Auditor+
A committed professional qualified by more than 15-year record of successful experience with emphasis in IT & information security auditRead more
Screen-Shot-2016-03-06-at-7.05.35-PMSimona RaduExecutive IT Recruiter+
Ms Simona Radu has 3 years’ experience in the HR field, working for both recruitment agencies and in internal HR departments. She was involvRead more

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